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Monday 24th June 2019


Year 5 have enjoyed celebrating Art Week.

The planetarium was fantastic alongside listening to the creative ideas of Katy Chalk.

We have also written our very own descriptive Space poems in Literacy and started our Space animations in ICT.

In Maths, we have been linking fractions, decimals and percentages together and trying to solve problems around all three.


Friday 14th June 2019


This week the children have been writing a character description—we have been working on using a range of descriptive features.

In Maths, we have started to revised a range of different concepts and have been recapping methods for long multiplication and division.

Finally we have started our topic and are looking forward to understanding more about drought and famine and how to prevent it further.

Friday 24th May 2019


This week, year 5 have written a fantastic character analysis' of Arrietty from the text, 'The Borrowers'.

We have  continued our work on shape and the children have been finding missing co-ordinates after a shape has been translated and reflected.

We are sending home next terms spellings - please allow the children to familiarise themselves with these, and encourage them to read and practise their times tables daily.

We hope you have a good half term .


Week Beginning 1st April 2019


Last week we have continued to explore the play ‘Macbeth’.

The children have been looking at the features of play-scripts and will be writing their very own versions of this play next week.

We will also be acting this play out during open afternoon—which the children are very excited about.

In Maths, the children have been reading fractions and decimals as percentages and solving problems that also involve percentages.

Finally, we thoroughly enjoyed creating our own Bagel toppings in DT and the children came up with fantastic ideas and recipes.

Week Beginning 11th February 2019


Year 5 have had a fantastic time with SPLAT theatre learning all about the Rain Forest.

They watched a funny court room drama production before being placed into their own groups and participating in Music, dance and acting with tribal masks In Literacy, the children have been writing their own narrative poems that have been inspired by the Highwayman poem and in Maths we have continued to build upon our fraction knowledge.

Week Beginning 17th December 2018


Equal measures of hard work and fun have been on the timetable this week.

The children have received their test scores and we have worked through some of the tricky hot spots with them in class.

Year 5 pupils should be very proud of how hard they worked during assessment week.

Pantomime fun was had by everyone as we all sang, danced, cheered and laughed our way through a showing of Robinson Crusoe on Wednesday afternoon.

Any spare time we have had this week has been spent practising for our Christmas Carol concert.

We hope you enjoyed it.

Week Beginning 15th October 2018


We have continued using the Tear Thief text to help build our skills in writing and have written some fantastic descriptive stories and emotive diaries.

In Maths the children have been learning how to collect and represent data in different ways.

We have not given homework to the children so they can spend time on their Passport to Learning projects instead.


Week Beginning 1st October 2018


Last week in Year 5 the children have been getting to grips with adding and subtracting numbers up to one million.

We have been looking at mental methods, as well as formal written methods to do this.

Creative writing skills have been put to the test in Literacy as we have been writing a poem based on this term’s text, The Tear Thief.

The children have produced beautiful poems which we hope to share with you on the open afternoon.

Please remind your child to bring a coat on Fridays as it is cold when we come out of swimming.

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