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Week Ending 22nd November 2019


Year 5 have continued to use the book “Journey to Jo’burg” as the focus for writing for purpose in Literacy.

There have been some thought-provoking conversations about the apartheid and the struggles people endured.

This has continued in Topic lessons focusing on Nelson Mandela.

In Numeracy, we have developed our knowledge of area and perimeter.

We have also begun a deeper understanding of fractions and calculating them.

Week Ending 11th October 2019


Children did themselves proud last week in the assessments and dealt with challenging questions—improving their growth mindset and resilience.

They have produced some lovely pieces of writing based on The Tear Thief this term and enjoyed the artwork during the Open Afternoon to go alongside it.

We could not be prouder of the passion with TT Rock Stars in the competition against Year 6 and look forward to many more over the year—we know Year 5 are the best.

We wish you all a lovely break, make sure you read, Rockstar and enjoy yourself ready for Term 2.


Week Ending 27th September 2019


Year 5 enjoyed the start of their swimming sessions and were very sensible being assessed and organised into ability groups—it was lovely to see so many positive attitudes towards swimming.

We have been writing descriptive poetry in Literacy, developing our understanding of verses and poetic devices—hopefully you will be able to read these during the Open Afternoon.

It is assessment week next week so please try and avoid absences so children do not have to play catch up.

Thank you to all parents that support AR and Rockstars it is great seeing Year 5 doing so well.

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