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Physical Education (PE)


Halfway PE Dept



Here at Halfway Houses Primary School we have a clear vision for Physical Education, we recognise the value and impact of high quality P.E. on our pupils. 


Halfway Houses Primary School believes that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is vital and unique in its contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development and health. The physical education curriculum aims to provide for pupils’ increasing self- confidence through an ability to manage themselves successfully in a variety of situations.

The scheme of work is based on progressive learning objectives which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, endeavour to provide appropriate, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning situations for all pupils.


At Halfway Houses Primary we aim:

  1. To develop physical and cognitive skills through a range of relevant movement based activities.
  2. To promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To develop positive attitudes towards the subject in school.
  4. To ensure and promote safe, sensible practice.
  5. To promote effective co-operation.
  6. To develop an ability to plan a range of movement sequences, organise and use equipment.
  7. To develop a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.
  8. To provide two hours of high quality Physical Education


At Halfway Houses Primary School, children will participate in a range of psycho-motor/movement activities in order to develop personal physical skills.  They will be made aware of their body in relation to others and their immediate environment and aim to promote quality of movement. Children will be made aware of simple physiological changes that occur to their bodies during exercise and given opportunities to develop imagination and co-operation.  They will be given opportunities to work collaboratively to achieve shared goals as well as have the opportunities to reflect, refine, adapt and evaluate their performance.  Children will be given opportunities to enjoy and succeed in the subject as well as be stimulated and challenged through problem solving activities. Sometimes they will be given the opportunity to develop areas of activity of their choice in extra-curricular time and we make full use of the facilities here to prepare a child mentally and physically for key stage 3 and beyond.


The order laid out in the National Curriculum will be the basis of our physical education programme. Key Stage 1 aims will be achieved through dance, games, athletics and gymnastic activities. At Key Stage 2 the core programme of dance, games, athletics and gymnastic activities will continue on a regular, linear basis. The programme will include a variety of team and individual, co-operative and competitive activities, which will allow pupils to work and play together for the mutual benefit of all. Work in Key Stage 2 will build directly on from work in Key Stage 1.


Within the planning of schemes of work, lesson plans and individual sessions, account will be taken of the range of learning styles that are likely to be evident in any one class. Opportunities will be provided and activities selected to allow for such a variety. Teachers will address the need for creative, interpretative, imaginative, social, cultural, aesthetic, moral and physical skills to be practised and mastered. Teachers will encourage, inspire, direct, observe, advise, instruct, prepare, facilitate, guide and nurture pupils’ strengths and gifts.


Sports Premium:

A positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age can build a lifetime habit of participation and is central to meeting the government’s ambitions for a world-class education system. The PE and sport premium can help primary schools to achieve this aim, providing primary schools with £320m of government funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of the PE, physical activity and sport offered through their core budgets. It is allocated directly to schools so they have the flexibility to use it in the way that works best for their pupils.

At Halfway Houses Primary School, we use this funding in the following ways:

  1. Provide specialist Sports Coaching for all KS1 and KS2 pupils in their outdoor PE session
  2. Provide termly sports clubs
  3. Join the local School Sports Partnership in order to access local competitions and tournaments
  4. Provide whole school enrichment activities
  5. Purchasing specialist equipment & teaching resources
  6. Supporting the delivery of KS2 swimming


Cross-curricular skills and links:

Physical education offers an added dimension to the whole school curriculum and the wider life of the school, for example, in health education, citizenship, literacy, numeracy, language skills and in personal and social education. The dance element of physical education will also enrich, complement and intensify experiences within the arts curriculum.


Health and safety:

All routine procedures relating to safe practice are agreed and will be consistently adhered to by all teachers and support staff. It is essential that pupils are taught essential life skills to enable them to participate safely and confidently in physical activity. Pupils are expected to work in a safe manner and be aware of what this means.

All teachers will plan their work with the safety of pupils in mind for the indoor PE. The PE team will support the teachers to undertake a risk assessment of activities and plan INSET for teachers if needed. Children are able to wear small studded earrings if parents have completed school consent form which is held in the school office. Hair below the shoulders must be tied back. Teachers are to liaise with the sports team and use their discretion in making decisions about outdoor PE should the weather be wet or very cold. Teachers will also assess the school field before outdoor PE sessions


Non Participation:

On occasions pupils may be unable to participate in a physical education lesson. A note should be taken of this whether it is medical or no suitable kit and recorded. A note from their parent must be shown for a child to be excused from a lesson. The pupil will have to either make observations of the lesson or record these in writing or can be sent to another member of staff with work to do.



Resources are centrally stored. All staff are expected to access them to support their teaching. They are responsible for their correct and orderly return.



For indoor PE children are expected to wear navy or black shorts, a sky blue polo shirt and plimsolls.

For outdoor PE children are expected to wear navy or black tracksuit or school fleece and trainers that are not worn as part of their school uniform. Parents to ensure sports kits are clean and fit for purpose, in the winter months their child’s kit could get messy.

Currently, children are encouraged to wear their PE kits into school on their PE days due to the Covid Risk Assessment.  This is regularly being updated and amended and the parents are being informed via multiples lines of communication as and when needed.


At Halfway Houses Primary School it is the responsibility of the PE leads to:

  1. Manage and develop PE across the school.
  2. Ensure that the PE coaches and teachers have CPD and develop outstanding lessons across all age groups
  3. Facilitate teacher’s subject knowledge and sport understanding through modelling, team teaching and coaching.
  4. Develop and track the assessment of PE.
  5. Organising termly inter-house tournaments and organising the school’s participation in external sports tournaments.
  6. Train sports leaders to provide lunch time games for other year groups within the school.
  7. Establish and maintain the sports pages on the school website and put any updates on our Facebook page.


Opportunities for assessment will be identified during planning and pupils will receive ongoing teacher assessment. These assessments will be directly related to learning objectives and will be recorded in the Curriculum subject assessment book. Information will be shared with pupils, teachers and parents in written and oral form.


P.E. Clothing

All children are expected to have a full PE kit that they can wear to school on the days that they have PE. 

The basic kit is a blue polo shirt and a pair of black or navy blue shorts; children work with bare feet for indoor gymnastics and dance sessions, but will require a pair of plimsolls or preferably trainers for outdoor sessions, and indoor games.

Children may also like to bring a tracksuit or similar to wear during the beginning of outdoor PE activities, while they warm up or for when there is a decline in weather.

The kit should be labelled with the child's name so that any items can be returned if taken off and misplaced. 

How can I help my child with their PE learning?

Here are some questions that you could ask your child.

Can you tell me about a sport that you have taken part in recently? 

Do you know any famous sports people? What makes them successful? 

How does taking part in PE help to keep you healthy? 

What are the best types of food to eat if you are going to take part in physical activity?

What sport do you enjoy most? Why? 

What sports have you seen being played? 

What skills have you learned that have helped you perform well in a sport?

What do you find tricky? What could you do to get better? 

What sports would you like to try that you haven't already tried?

What clubs would you be interested in taking part in? 



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