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General information

Home Learning wc 13.07.20

After a few, rather strange months, we are now at the end of our home learning packs for this academic year. Our teachers have enjoyed producing these lessons for you and more importantly, loved seeing the wonderful learning you have produced whilst being at home. We are pretty sure that many of you have come to the end of your exercise books and we hope you look back on your work with real sense of pride and achievement. 


We also hope you take a moment to thank your parents for helping you with these lessons and we hope they have enjoyed helping you...and maybe even learnt something new themselves.


Before we start the summer holiday, we also hope to see you in school for your transition session so you can meet your new teachers. We are really looking forward to seeing you walk back through the gates of Halfway Houses Primary School because we have certainly missed you all. 


​Stay safe, keep smiling, be kind to yourselves and to each other.

Home Learning wc 06.07.20

With the weather having been so changeable, I am sure many of you enjoyed time indoors this week. Hopefully, the home learning packs that had been prepared for you all, kept you busy and engaged for part of that time as well as you finding time to enjoy your favourite film or video game. 


We now only have two weeks of home learning left before the summer holiday begins so we hope you manage to engage with as many of the lessons you can this week. Remember, please send a photo of the work you are proud of to your class teachers and we can share it on our website.


We will see you very soon but in the meantime, take care, keep safe and 'be the best you can be'.

Home Learning wc 29.06.20

A very good morning to you all and we hope you have enjoyed the sunshine that has been beaming upon us during the last week. Another lovely week to look forward to as we say a warm hello to July. Which makes me want to say...where has the time gone?


We still have a few weeks left of home learning so we hope you continue to enjoy the lessons your teachers are creating for you. Remember to send photos to your teachers of the work you are particularly proud of and we will share them on your class pages.


Here are some websites we would like to remind you of because there really are so many opportunites available for you to keep yourselves busy and learning if you would like to do so. In particular, it really is worth exploring:


We miss you all and we really do look forward to seeing you very soon.

Home Learning wc 22.06.20



We do know the weather is going to be extremely warm this week, so there will be lots of opportunity for you to have fun in the sun and explore plenty of outdoor learning opportunities, whether it is in your gardens, at the park, at the zoo, beside the seaside or somewhere else you enjoy spending time.


We also know so many of you are doing wonders with the lessons your teachers are preparing for you though so we hope you enjoy working your way through this weeks lessons too. Which one will be your favourite one I wonder!


Take care, stay safe and more importantly, be kind to each other.

Home Learning wc 15.06.20


Thank you to all the children and parents who have sent some wonderful home learning work into us this week.  We all really enjoy receiving it or seeing it on our Facebook page.  We hope that you enjoy the lessons your teachers have prepared for you this week and we look forward to seeing more photos of your achievements.  There are lots of lovely lessons to engage with.


It has been fantastic to see the participation on Accelerated Reader and TT Rockstars.  We enjoy seeing the class league tables each week.  Keep reading and quizzing and engaging in those Times Tables battles whenever you get a spare 5 mins.  The best way to complete your learning is when you are enjoying it !

Home Learning wc 08.06.20

With Term 6 well underway, we are pleased to share with you some wonderful new learning opportunities your teachers have prepared for you this week. We hope you have fun working through the lessons and showing your parents how you use your Growth Mindset and Halfway Learning Muscles when needed.


We love seeing the work you are proud of so please keep sending it to your teachers. We would also like to hear about other things you have achieved and are proud of. Have you learned to ride a bike? Are you now good at baking cakes? Have you made a fantastic Lego model? Have you created an amazing den in your garden? Can you play an instrument? Let us know and we can celebrate with you.


Remember there are some excellent online learning you can access too: 

Just go to this page, click 'more' on the toolbar and access Bitesize lessons for Primary pupils. 


We miss you and hope to see you all soon.

Home Learning wc 01.06.20



A very warm welcome to Term 6 and we hope you all had a sun-drenched Bank Holiday weekend and an enjoyable half-term. Maybe you managed to walk to the beach, bike or scooter there or have fun in your gardens, maybe even splashing around in a paddling pool.


We now hope you will be keen to get started with your learning for the Summer term. Your teachers have been working hard to create some lovely lessons for you and we look forward to seeing the work you produce. So please keep sending your work to us. We love to see the work you are proud of. 


Please take care and stay safe. We really look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Home Learning wc 18.05.20



It only seems a few weeks ago we were welcoming you to Term 5 and now this learn pack is our final set of lessons for this term. Time flies...even in these rather peculiar times.

We hope you have enjoyed the lessons you have engaged with this term, and we hope you enjoy this weeks offer just as much. Indeed, we have some fantastic writing opportunities, some amazing maths, sensational science and terrific topic lessons spread across the year groups.

Do you do your favourite lesson first, or leave it until last? Have you challenged yourself and tried lessons you are less confident with? Possibly realised there are particular lessons you now really love.


Remember...keep sharing your work with your teachers so we can all celebrate together. We love seeing your work on the website just as much as you do.


As well as enjoying some of the learning resources produced for you, remember to take care of yourselves, rest, relax, have fun and look after each other.

Home Learning wc 11.05.20

We hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and are feeling recharged for the week ahead. It would be lovely if you could share some of the ways you celebrated VE Day by sending in photos to your teachers and we can share and celebrate together. 

Indeed, VE Day is always a day put aside for commemoration and an opportunity to thank and remember our war veterans. This year more than ever, as well as doing this, weekly, we are coming together as a nation, as a community, in order to thank our key workers, to thank everyone, each and every one of you, who are pulling together to make our country safe again, just like our war heroes in years gone by. A time to really show how much we care.


Until we do meet again in school, we hope you continue to enjoy learning at home with the lessons your teachers are preparing for you. Please just do what you can, try your best and enjoy.


For those who are wanting to explore some more online learning opportunities, we would like to direct you to where there are many lessons which may 

Home Learning wc 04.05.20


We hope you are all well and have still managed to spend some time outside even though the weather has been a bit unpredictable. Hopefully our coats, boots and umbrellas will soon be replaced with shorts, t-shirts, suncream and sunhats.

From the wonderful work being sent through to our teachers, it seems that so many of you are enjoying the online learning resources being produced for you each week. Please keep sharing your super work because it makes us very proud to see your efforts. We hope you love seeing your work celebrated on our website and we hope it is fun to see what your friends have been doing too. We are confident this weeks pack will provide you with plenty of opportunity to continue to WOW us. ​


To make sure you have plenty of variety, we would like to remind you about BBC Bitesize Daily. More information can be found at: 

Just go to this page, click 'more' on the toolbar and access Bitesize lessons for Primary pupils. 


Keep safe, keep being kind, keep smiling and please keep in touch.

Home Learning wc 27.04.20


What beautiful weather we had last week! I hope you had opportunity to spend some time outside whether it was playing in the garden, popping out for some exercise or simply taking the bins out! I'm pleased to say that this week looks promising so please make sure that you make time to enjoy the weather. Again, your teachers have been working hard to produce learning resources which will have built upon what you learnt last week and provide you with some new challenges - please familiarize yourself with the Overview document found in the Guidance section before starting the work.


Just a little reminder - your teachers would love to know how you are doing and what you have been up to, why not drop them an email?

Home Learning wc 20.04.20


A warm welcome to Term Five and also to the second online learning pack! Teachers have been hard at work trying to create packs of fun and engaging work for pupils to continue their learning journey whilst at home. Again, please take the time to firstly read their ‘Overview’ document before then accessing the subjects. Some pupils have found it helpful to create a timetable for their learning whilst others enjoy working through a subject each day – the choice is entirely yours! Please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher if you need to. In the interests of variety, from Monday 20th April the BBC will be launching BBC Bitesize Daily. More information can be found at: 


I hope that, at this time, it may be helpful to share an extract from Mrs Wheeler’s (The Island Learning Trust CEO) most recent letter to pupils, parents and staff… It is important to reinforce that all home learning is optional. We absolutely recognise that every family is experiencing different stresses and strains, with a range of pulls on their time. We would much rather children and families were mentally and physically healthy and happy rather than battling on with learning because you feel you must. Please always prioritise wellbeing (your child’s and your own) do not feel you need to keep pace with the packs, or offer a full day of learning activities, nor access the many and varied websites on offer. Simply playing with your child is beneficial for their development.

Home Learning wc 30.03.20


Welcome to our first online learning pack! We hope very much that you find the work included helpful in delivering fun and engaging home education. Please, in the first instance read the 'Overview' document which will help to explain the files included.


With the Easter holidays approaching we have tried to include a variety of tasks that you can use over the next few weeks. Please pick and choose when and what learning you chose to do, when you are ready. Establish a sensible routine with breaks and be guided by the notes on our website but if overwhelmed keep reading and the basics going…and do not feel concerned about the rest. Children will return to school and we will pick them up from wherever they are.

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