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Some Reminders


Please ensure that ALL your children’s clothing is named, including trousers, skirts and shirts. When the children get changed for PE it is hard for them to find the right white shirt if it is not named.

Please also ensure that the children have a named water bottle in school every day.


Monday 24th June 2019


What an amazing trip we had to Dover Castle last week.

Well done to our amazing Year 2’s for being well behaved and representing the school so positively.

We were very lucky with the weather as the sun was shining all day.

It has also been Art Week where we started on Monday going to the Planetarium which the children really have enjoyed.

We have created lots of different art work and have worked together in our House Family groups.

In Maths we have been continuing to revise our prior learning.

Well done Year 2 for a great week.


Friday 14th June 2019


A great first week back Year 2, well done.

We have started our new literacy book of ‘Pirate Pete’ and we are currently describing and imagining we are pirates.

In Maths we are continuing to re-cap and revise prior learning around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This week we are starting our Science learning all about food chains, hopefully the weather improves so we can go and explore the different food chains we have around school.

Well done on another great week of learning.

Friday 24th May 2019

 Well, it’s the end of another very successful busy term.

 We would like to take this opportunity to say how proud we are of Year 2 for their amazing effort in their SATs tests, well done!

The SATs test scores will help us make a teacher assessed judgement at the end of the year which will be written in their reports.

We have had a great term learning about nocturnal animals, World War 2, friendships, Judaism and so much more.

All the team would like to wish you a very relaxed half term, ready to start your final term in Year 2.

Well done all.


Week Beginning 1st April 2019


Year 2 have worked really hard over the last week with all of their tests.

They have tried really hard and we are proud of them all.

The end of term is in sight and we hope you have a well deserved rest.

We have had an amazing workshop this week by Valerie Bloom which the children really enjoyed.

We have also made sandwiches in DT.

We cannot wait to show you all our learning next week in our Open Afternoon.

Well done Year Two as always.

Week Beginning 11th February 2019


Well, the end of term is almost here and we want to say how proud we are of Year 2.

You have tried really hard with all your learning and are making good progress in all areas of the curriculum.

A huge well done to Puffin class for winning the spelling bee competition this term and well done to the children who were involved—you all did amazingly well.

We cannot wait to share with you all the learning we have been doing on Wednesday for our open afternoon.

Please remember to continue with reading, Rockstar Maths and spelling on a weekly basis.

We hope you have a restful half term and we look forward to seeing you back for another term of learning.

Well done Year 2.

Week Beginning 17th December 2018


Well, we cannot believe term 2 is almost over and what an amazing amount of learning we have done.

The children have had a great couple of weeks with watching the pantomime and sharing their carol performance with you.

They have been amazing and a credit to you all.

We have been rewriting the story of The Grinch and in maths we have been revising the four key operations.

Well done for an excellent term Year 2—you should be very proud as we are.


Week Beginning 19th November 2018


What great costumes we saw on Friday for Children in Need! Well done everyone.

We have continued our learning in Year 2 and have started our new book called “War Game” which is all about World War 2.

In Maths we have been working on data and putting information in graphs and charts.

This week we will start our new topic on multiplication and division—so remember to keep going on Rockstar maths to practise your times tables.

We are doing lots of fun experiments in Science too this week which the children are looking forward to.

Another amazing week Year 2.

Term 1

In term one, we created our own science experiment to find out what plants need to grow.

We put seeds into different scenarios to work out how they would grow best.

We found out that plants need water, nutrients, air and sunlight. Look at our experiment photos: 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week Beginning 15th October 2018


Another busy week and the end of term is here!.

We have had a great term using the text Hansel and Gretel to write our own stores.

Well done for those who wrote their own stories at home to show to the class.

We have been working on using the column method for maths.

Have a go at practising this over the holidays.

We have made clay pots in art which we hope you will use to plant your own flowers.

We would like to say how proud we are of you all at how well you have settled in Year 2.

You have tried incredibly hard and its great to see the progress you are making already.

Have an amazing break and we look forward to seeing you in Term 2.



Week Beginning 1st October 2018


We have been very busy this week in Year 2 with lots of amazing learning happening.

We are very pleased with the writing the children are producing using our term’s book of ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

We have started our new topic on addition and subtraction in Maths.

If you have any spare time then please practise adding and subtracting 1 and 10 to any number up to 100.

This will be a great help when it comes to simple mental calculations as well as being able to use a number line.

As our summer weather comes to an end please could you ensure your child has a coat for break times as it can become very cold on the playground.

A great week for our fabulous Year 2, keep working hard and making us proud.

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