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Teaching and Learning Protocol


This protocol has been developed with openness and transparency taking into account the thoughts of all staff and children.

It has also considered and reflected upon current educational thinking and research.

1. Organisation-Teachers must prepare their resources ahead of time, and make productive use of instructional time by maintaining good pace and ensuring that every second of their lessons count.

2. Shared Objectives-Teachers must ensure that the learning that occurs in the lesson is clear and fully understood by all. The WALT will be shared when it is considered to be most effective.

3. Classroom Climate-Teacher/pupil and pupil-pupil relationship should be characterised by warmth and respect where children are sociable and cooperative.

4. Behaviour Management-Any necessary behaviour management must be calm, fair and effective.

5. Collaborative Learning-Learners must have effective time in collaborative learning situations.

6. Personalised Teaching and Learning-Teachers must show sensitivity to the individual needs of pupils and provide learning experiences that are challenging, rich and varied in content.

7. Making Links-Explicit Links should be made to areas outside the specific lesson through a rich and diverse curriculum. 

8. Assessment for Learning-Substantial opportunities must be offered for pupils to reflect on their learning through review.

9. Plenary-The plenary and/or mini plenary must be effectively used to discuss and deepen learning opportunities and to extend learning from/during the lesson. 


  • Refer to previous learning and previous feedback (Next steps). 
  • Share learning objective at the point of learning.
  • Objective should be generic and allow all children to access it.
  • Good pace, engaging, lively, achievable, inspiring, challenging throughout .
  • Different learning styles are catered for over time.
  • Reference can be made to targets/ end of year expectations.
  • Modelling thinking processes.
  • Encourage a growth mindset and the classroom culture that promotes this learning.
  • Halfway Huddle should be used to share and discuss work, reflecting upon success criteria and discussing improvements to be made. This must then be reflected in books through a Halfway Huddle sticker. Improvements should then be evident.
  • Visualiser stops must be used to refocus learning and for peer and self-assessment.
  • Shared whole class work .
  • All children should be involved. 
  • Use open questions to deepen learning.
  • Resources to be made freely available and accessible to children.
  • Purposeful use of talk/learning partners.
  • Children to have opportunities to devise the success criteria with the teacher.
  • Share examples of work for discussion and self-reflection – discussing and improving with peers or whole class.
  • Individual/group/paired activities .
  • Limited use of worksheets.
  • Use of supported group work and of guided group work.
  • Referring to objective throughout. 
  • Mini plenaries (when appropriate and necessary) to either refocus learning, correct misconceptions or apply skills in a different context.
  • Teacher, peer and self-assessment throughout the lesson.
  • Children chose the level of challenge they take in each lesson when appropriate this is appropriate and will deepen their learning experience.
  • Additional adults (TA’s) must be deployed effectively to support learning at all times among all vulnerable groups Marking and Feedback.
  • Focused feedback given at least once a week in literacy and maths and once a term in other subjects. This can be given before, during or after the lesson.
  • Green post-it notes should give the Next Step for the piece of work. This should then be responded to by the individual child.
  •  Pink highlighted work will show where the objective has been met, where previous learning has been shown in new work or a particularly good part of the work or where a child has met their target.
  • Codes to be followed.
  • Comments should follow the marking policy.
  • Marking should inform future planning.

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