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What we think!

Welcome to our page!


Welcome to the pupil page for Halfway Houses Primary School.

On here you will find out what we think of all the activities, ideas and developments that take place in our school community.



Meet the Head Boys and Head Girls


Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves to you all! We are Charlie (Head Boy), Dale (Deputy Head Boy), Safeera (Head Girl) and Kayley (Deputy Head Girl)

We wanted to be considered for these positions because we wanted to have the chance to help make decisions about the school and ensure that children's voices and opinions were heard as well as the adults. We had to apply in writing to Mrs Fordyce and then put a presentation together for our interviews. We were so happy to be chosen to represent you and the school.

Please come and speak to us if you have any exciting ideas and we will be happy to help!

Meet the School Parliament Ministers


Minister for Growth Mindset.

I'm Florence and I am the Minister for Growth Mindset. I wanted to be in this role because whenever I get stuck on a problem I work it through, even if it takes ages. I wanted to be able to help other people to do the same and work together as a school.


Minister for Sport.

I'm Bradley and I am the Minister for Sport. I will try my hardest to help people when they are struggling as I know that it is not fun when you are struggling and don't know how to do something. I will also give my ideas towards our PE curriculum. 


Minister for Economy and Charities.

My name is Tilly and I am the Minister for Economy and Charities. I want to help to raise money for different events and charities. I want to make fund raising fun so that it encourages people at school to take part and donate to different charities.


Minister for the Environment.

I'm Dior and I am the Environment Minister. My job is to help protect the environment and keep plastic away so that animals do not die. When you throw plastic away it could end up anywhere, especially in the ocean so that is why I like to help the environment. 


Minister for Accelerated reader.

My name is Roxy and I am the Minister for Accelerated reader. The reason I wanted to be the Minister for AR is because I am a good reader and I can inspire people to read and do quizzes. I can also encourage children to read more challenging books.


Minister for Learning.

I'm Bethany and I and the Minister for Learning. I wanted this role because I enjoy learning and I wanted to be a role model to younger children in the school.


Minister for The Island Learning Trust.

My name is Lyla and I wanted to be TILT Minister because I wanted to help and work with other people. I felt I could take on this role well and be successful.


Minister for Times Tables Rockstars.

I'm Rachel. I wanted to be the TT Minister because I enjoy taking part and want to help other children to achieve more. I also wanted this role because I want to encourage more children to take part in battles. 


Minister for Wellbeing.

My name is Lucia and I am the Mister for Wellbeing. I wanted this role because I can help people to find their smile and let them discover happiness within themselves.




Sports Week


Sports week took place across the school every day for a whole week. The children took part in a range of activities including sports days, the daily mile, yoga, Joe Wicks PE and personal challenges. The weather wasn't always on our side but the children and adults had so much fun!

“I am going to run every race!”


“I think we should do a daily mile every day, even if it is not sports week.”


 “I am going to try to beat my score from last time in the speed jumping.”



Playground Theatre.


Today we were lucky to experience 'Playground Theatre' in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. It involved games and accessible skills based activities that use problem solving, improvisation and creative play. These were run by Theatre 31 which is a youth led programme that invites students to build communication and confidence whilst enjoying an outlet for self expression.

" It was exciting as we got to act and I love acting."


"100/100. It was fun and kept us all fit."


"It helped to build my confidence."


"I really enjoyed it because we got to be silly and creative!"


"An enjoyable change to our normal school day."



Ahoy me hearties!


Year R have been using the book "Class three all at sea" in their learning and have been having some pirate themed fun! Captain Smelly Feet set them a challenge to work out what the smells were in his stinky socks and they have been dressing up, having pirate themed food and walking the plank!

"I'm dressed up in my boat!"


"We don't want to join Captain Smelly Feet's crew because he is too stinky!"

Zac and Flossy

"My name is Pirate Kelsey"




Science Gilt award.


We recently received confirmation that we have earned our science Gilt award in recognition of the amazing science that has happened across the school and throughout lockdown. Bethany, our Minister for learning said "I enjoyed doing science work still whilst I was at home, I am glad we have earned this award because science at our school is really fun!"


The oyster catchers

The oyster catchers have been very noisy lately so we knew that their chicks had probably hatched. Yesterday one of the chicks was found on the school field having parachuted down from the nest. Mrs Noble rang Swampy's wildlife rescue who advised us to leave it alone and stay away from the area as the parents will be feeding it and looking after it until it is ready to fly.

"The baby was in the grass and it was grey."


"The mummy bird was looking after it, she was squawking!"


"Its dad was hunting for food. They were being noisy so that the baby could see and hear them"



The chickens have arrived!


Last week we received our first 6 chickens to join our school community and we are so excited as we have been waiting a long time for them. We are letting them settle in to their new home but will be going out to visit them soon. We have already collected quite a few eggs!

"I am glad we got the chickens because they look cosy now and have a really nice new home"


"They're really nice and friendly and they don't try to nibble you!"


" I want to learn more about them and help to look after them"


"I think that they add something cool and different to our school environment"



Seeds of hope.


We wanted to do something special to celebrate new hope as we returned to school as we hope that we can all go back to normal and continue to grow and change together. Every class was given a planter and could choose some flowers to plant in them. These have been put out of the front of the school and have really brightened up the driveway.


Minister for the environment Dior says "We have been out to water them every playtime if it hasn't rained as we want to make sure that they last a long time." 

Lyra says " I think the plants are a really good idea as they make the front of the school look really pretty for parents and visitors."


New Year 6 area


Our new area is now open for the Year 6 children to use at breaktime and lunchtimes. The children have been asking for new equipment to use and they now have a lovely new hut to sit in to read or chat and exercise equipment to help to use up that extra energy and help them to keep fit and active.

"We've been watching the Year R children playing on their equipment for ages  and wanted something that we could use. This has really upscaled our equipment"

Bradley, Minister for Sport

"We like the equipment as it has alleviated our boredom. It has made lunchtimes more exciting"

Florence and Isabella

"It's nice that we have something sporty to do at break time now. It gives us something to do."



Royal Mail Stamp Competition

We have all been busy designing stamps for a really exciting competition. The Royal Mail are producing a new set of stamps to commemorate and say thank you to the heroes of the pandemic. We were asked to think about who our heroes were and draw a design to recognise them. We hope to win some of the lovely prizes on offer but wouldn't it be amazing if one of our designs actually ended up being used on a stamp!

"I chose the NHS for my stamp because they saved loads of lives"


"I chose my mum because she's been working really hard as a nurse"


"I chose my dad because he has been working nights and delivering to people"


"I chose police officers because they always work so hard"


"I chose teachers because they helped us so much when we weren't able to come to school"



Bird boxes


We have some lovely new bird boxes in our forest school which have been made by Mrs Fordyce's very clever Dad. We're hoping to see them being used by the local wildlife very soon!

"It's good that they are up nice and high because we don't want foxes and other animals to get them"


"I think they're camouflaged so that just the birds can see their nests"


"They're really good. We need to watch them to see if any birds go in"



The very hungry caterpillars!


There are some new additions to our Year R classes. They have been reading and learning about 'The very hungry caterpillar' and they have some real live caterpillars in their classrooms. They are waiting for them to grow and then they will put them in to the butterfly garden outside.

"There are three at the top and two at the bottom and there are five altogether"


"I think they are going to turn in to butterflies"



Virtual Parliament


Our Year 6 Parliament Ministers had a great morning meeting with Gordon Henderson and having a virtual tour. They found out lots about how democracy works and who makes decisions.

"We found out lots about how Parliament works and we got some good ideas to help us in our roles"

School Parliament


NSPCC Rocks!


Friday 7th May was Number Day. We dressed up in number themed outfits and took part in a National Rockstar maths competition.

"It was really fun. I enjoyed learning about different maths and the competition."


"I liked wearing different clothes to school"


"I loved the tournament because I like doing Rockstar Maths"


"I liked being able to wear my own clothes"


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