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Week Ending 6th July

It’s been a very hot week and the children have been working so hard preparing their sketches and practising their songs for the leavers show.

We cant believe how quickly the time is going and some of the year 6 children have had the chance to spend some time at their new Secondary schools—the rest of year 6 are really looking forward to their transition days.

We are also super excited and ready for prom tonight.


Week Ending 22nd June

The children have been getting excited about the World Cup exploring the countries involved and facts about them all.

They have also been working in small groups with a budget to plan a holiday for a family, including activities, flights and hotel, maybe they appreciate how tricky it is now!

Leavers’ Show rehearsals are well underway with children working hard to make it a success.

A letter/tickets will be coming out soon for the show however for those that need to book time off it will be Wednesday 18th July Grandparents at 4pm and parents at 7pm (2 tickets per show).

Week Ending 8th June

We have written some fantastic instructions and diary entries linked to the short clip ‘The Three Little Pigs’ this week and have also started our history topic ‘Ancient Greece’.

We are looking forward to researching more information about life in these times.

The children have also come up with some good ideas for their leavers show and there will be lots of rehearsing over the coming week.


Week Ending 18th May

Well finally SATs have come and gone.

We were so proud of every single child for the maturity and effort they all put into completing the tests; they have worked so hard, not just during the tests but also during lessons every week.

A huge well done.

It was good to end the week all dressed to impress and the children have enjoyed completing a range of activities based around the royal wedding.

They have also been creative in an Art lesson and are looking forward to sharing their masterpieces with you at the open afternoon next week.

Week Ending 20th April

Year 6 have had a great first week back.

The children have written descriptive stories in Literacy linked to Floodland.

In Maths we have started to revise a number of different topics linked to our upcoming SATS.

Next week the children will be visited by the HAPI company and this will involve them filling out an online questionnaire, you should have received a letter about this.

Please ask if you have any further questions !

Many thanks.


Week Ending 23rd March

Year 6 have been writing narrative stories this week based on our text ‘Floodland’ and in Maths we have been revising a range of topics in preparation for our mock SATs next week.

You may have already heard from the children about our new raffle reward system—the children are working very hard to earn those tickets.

If there are any questions then please just ask.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening next week.

Week Ending 9th March

We have settled back into the school routine well after enjoying our fun snow days last week.

The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their stories in class about their snow adventures.

We have enjoyed writing non chronological reports in Literacy and have been converting and solving problems involving measures in Maths.

Please could you encourage your children to look at units of measure at home so that they can start to gain more of an understanding in this area in real life context.

Finally, the children all looked amazing in their costumes today.


Week Ending 26th January

The children have worked really hard this week completing their practise tests and should be proud of all their achievements.

If a child seems disheartened with their results and you are unsure of how to help them, please come and see us.

We are looking forward to Maths week next week and will look forward to seeing all the children dressed up as rock stars on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend.

Week Ending 12th January

The children have been hooked on our text this week “Private Peaceful” and have written some amazing diary entries about their first day at school.

They enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane.

In Maths we have spent the week looking at ratio and proportion and trying to get our heads around the many steps.

Finally, the children have enjoyed making periscopes in Science for our light topic.


Week Ending 15th December

Year 6 have had a very busy week.

Christmas dinner was a lot of fun and the children all looked great in their Christmas reindeer hats they had made earlier on in the week.

We have also linked our maths and Literacy to Christmas festivities this week and the children have written some fabulous descriptive stores linked to the John Lewis advert, “Moz the Monster” and have planned a Christmas party in Maths.

The children will have their spellings sent home by the end of term so watch out for these, we will add them on Marvellous Me.

Week Ending 1st December

This week Year 6 have finished writing their flashbacks from the short film the Piano.

The children’s work was very good and very emotive.

 We have also been looking at the order of operations in Maths (BIDMAS) which the children have loved.

We have quite a few scientists in year 6, and have been exploring circuits and the correct scientific symbols to represent the various components.

We will continue to investigate how to make different types of circuits and what will effect them.


Week Ending 17th November

Year 6 have enjoyed writing balanced arguments that have been linked to our class text.

The children have really enjoyed discussing the issues surrounding animals kept in captivity and in turn have produced some excellent writing.

In Maths, we have been immersing ourselves in the world of fractions.

It is really important that all the children have a sound understanding in this area– so please could you discuss this with them at home.

If they can see fractions being used in real life, i.e cooking, shopping etc… it will really help.

Have a good weekend.

Week Ending 3rd November

Year 6 have had a great first week back and are excited about all the new topics we will be covering this term.

If you haven't already then please have a look at these topics on the school website.

In Literacy we have started a new text called Zoo written by Anthony Brown.

The children have enjoyed looking at issues surrounding animals in cages and have also written some great poetry.

In Maths we have been looking at different types of angle.


Week Ending 20th October

This week has been another busy week for Year 6.

We have continued to read Journey to Jo’burg and have written our own narratives based around the students protest.

In Maths, we have been learning the different parts to a circle and how to work out radius, diameter and circumference.

In addition we have looked at how to work out missing angles.

We hope you all have a good half term.

Week Ending 22nd September

We are looking forward to seeing the children return from Swanage and hearing all about their exciting adventures.

We have heard they have been having a lot of fun.

The rest of the year 6 had a fantastic day at the Cinema and bowling on Wednesday and their excellent behaviour was even recognised and praised by a member of the public.

Well done.

They have also had fun this week designing their very own theme park, thinking about how much it will cost to run and build.


Week Ending 8th September

Welcome back to all of the Year 6’s.

We are looking forward to all the exciting things that have been planned for this term and it is going to be very exciting.

This week the children have been learning about the Apartheid and the role of Nelson Mandela—they were quite shocked in our very own segregation activity.

In Maths, we have been reading numbers beyond 1 million and ordering them.

If you would like to know more about the topics we are covering this term, you can find them on the school’s website.

Finally a big well done to the children who completed their 11+ papers this week.