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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

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Miss Greenaway

Mrs Rose (1:1)

Mrs Parkes (1:1)

Mrs Elderfield

Miss Jones

Miss Martin

Mrs Kiddle  (1:1)

Mrs Simons (1:1)

  Mrs Luckhurst & Miss Stevens TA's across Yr 2  

Some Reminders

Please ensure that ALL your children’s clothing is named, including trousers, skirts and shirts. When the children get changed for PE it is hard for them to find the right white shirt if it is not named.

Please also ensure that the children have a named water bottle in school every day.


Check out our new 'Forest School' web page.


Week Ending 6th July

Another action packed week in Year 1.

We have been watching ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs’ in literacy and using this to inspire our writing.

We have been creating our own inventions and using descriptive language to explain how it works.

In Maths we have been working on a range of investigations and creating our own pictograms and bar charts.

We have lots of fun activities happening in the next 2 weeks and not long left until the end of term.

Well done Year 2, the end of the road is in sight.


Week Ending 22nd June

What a fantastic week we have had!

We have been reading ‘Pirate Pete’ in Literacy and learning all about pirates.

We even got to see the amazing performance of ‘Treasure Island’ which the children really enjoyed.

In maths we have been revising time, any extra learning you could do to help with this at home will be great.

We have also started our Science topic of animal food chains and learning about what we need in order to survive.

Well done to everyone who made an Africa collage—they were brilliant.

Well done for a great week Year 2.

Week Ending 8th June

Welcome back after what we are sure has been an enjoyable week.

We have one final term to cram in as much learning as we can In Literacy this week we have been learning all about pirates.

We have described our own pirate, drawn them and given them a special name.

In maths we will be revising all areas of the curriculum such as place value, addition, subtraction etc.

We have lots of different activities happening over the next few weeks such as the sponsored walk and our school trip.

Needless to say Year 2 are very excited.

Well done everyone.


Week Ending 18th May

Firstly, we would like to say how proud we are of you all for trying so hard in your SATs.

We still have a week to go but we are highly impressed with how well you have worked.

You have been amazing !

We visited Forest School on Monday to find a GIGANTIC EGG.

We had no idea who laid it so we asked Michael from Creepy Claws to come and visit.

He came on Tuesday and showed us lots of different animals.

It was amazing.

We have used these events to write about in Literacy.

Only one week left until a well deserved break.

Well done Year 2 we are incredibly proud of you all.

Week Ending 20th April

Welcome back after what I’m sure has been a lovely Easter break.

We are full steam ahead in Year 2!

In Literacy we have been writing reports on different animals using facts we have found out from books and the internet.

In Maths we have continued with our work on telling the time which the children are getting more confident with doing.

In PSHE we are looking at how to be kind to others and looking after our bodies.

As the weather is FINALLY becoming warmer, could you please ensure your child has a hat in school if you feel they need it for break and lunch times.

As always, a great week and its lovely to have you back.

Well done
Year 2.


Week Ending 23rd March

This week we have been testing in Year 2 and we are very pleased with the progress the children are making. We intend to share their results with you at parents evening and address any gaps they may have.

In maths, we will be beginning time next week. This is a topic that the children find tricky so any help that you can offer them would be appreciated.

We had a great Science Week and the children found out lots of information about different scientists from our KS1 assembly on Tuesday.

We look forward to seeing you all at Parents’ Evening next week in order to share the successes of the children.

Keep up the hard work Year 2.

Week Ending 9th March

Well, what an eventful few weeks it has been.

We have loved hearing all the stories of what you have been up to in the snow and even used these to help us write a snow adventure.

Now we are back to normal we have been continuing our work on ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark.’ We are using lots of descriptive language,

WOW words and interesting openers to improve our writing.

In Maths we have started our topic on fractions and looking at fractions of shapes and amounts.

Book Week, even though, delayed has been fun and we really enjoyed seeing so many male role models in for our reading afternoon.

Next week is Science Week.


Week Ending 26th January

A great week planning our own stories based on the story of The Tear Thief which we have been reading in Literacy.

We have been testing this week and we are very pleased with how well the children have used their growth mind-set to try their best.

We have been continuing our science learning about different materials and have started our art topic all about printing.

We are very excited about Maths week next week and have many exciting activities planned.

Well done for trying so hard this week Year 2, you should be proud.

Week Ending 12th January

What a fabulous first week we have had back at school.

This week we have started “The Tear Thief” in literacy, we have been writing descriptions and writing our own version of parts of the story.

In Maths, we have been learning about money, specifically adding and subtracting different amounts.

We have also started god this term which the children are very excited about.

Please can you ensure your child has a PE Kit in school at all times.

A great week, lets continue this next week.


Week Ending 15th December

Wow! What can we say, what an amazing term we have had.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to see our carol concert.

I’m sure you agree that the children sang really well and they were so pleased at how many of you came to watch.

We have been continuing our learning using ‘A Muppet’s Christmas Carol to write character descriptions.

We have also been re-capping on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in Maths.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 4th January.

Well done Year 2.

Week Ending 1st December

What a great few weeks we have had in Year 2.

We have been learning all about World War Two and even made our own tanks.

We have been using the text of The Lion and the Unicorn to write descriptions and retell parts of the story.

In Maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide using different methods.

Please could you use Mathletics at home as we want to see more children getting certificates and practising their maths skills.

Thank you to all who attended the Grandparents afternoon, we were really proud of your children performing their tea dances so well.

We are very proud teachers—well done Year 2.


Week Ending 17th November

Term 2 is definitely in full swing and as always we have our days packed full of learning.

In Literacy we have been looking at our new text ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ about a boy called Lenny who has been evacuated in World War 2. We have been re-writing different sections of the texts and finding synonyms to make our work more exciting.

In Maths we have been focusing on data. We have drawn our own pictograms and bar charts as well as answering questions about the data.

It was great to see everyone support Children in Need by wearing their PJ’s to school! You all looked amazing.

Well done Year 2 we are very proud of you all.

Week Ending 3rd November

What a great week back in Year 2!

Well done for a great week of learning and settling back so quickly.

We have been writing our own Halloween poems in Literacy this week which has been great fun.

In Maths we have been using rulers to measure accurately.

We have started our history topic about World War Two and have a special visitor on Monday who will be doing some workshops with the children.

Could you please ensure your child has a coat in school for break times as it is getting a little colder.


Week Ending 20th October

We cannot believe the end of term is already here.

We have had a fantastic term in Year 2 and are very pleased with the progress the children are making already.

Thank you for attending parents’ evening and the Open Afternoon, it was lovely to share the great learning that has been happening in our classes.

This week we have been writing non-fiction texts about owls and in Maths we have been teaching the column method for addition and subtraction.

Well done for a fantastic term Year 2.

Have a lovely break ready for a new term to begin.

Week Ending 22nd September

It's been a full week and we are really pleased with how well Year 2 have settled down and are trying really hard with their learning.

In literacy, we have been reading 'The snail and the whale' to write our own version of the story.

In maths, we have focused on place value and representing numbers using manipulatives.

In history this week, we have been learning about key figures in history for Black History Month.

Please remember to read with your child every night to ensure AR quizzes are completed at least once a week.

Well Done Year 2.


Week Ending 8th September

Hello and welcome back to an amazing year in Year 2.

We are so excited for the year ahead and we are looking forward to watching your children grow.

Just a reminder that all children need their PE Kits in school.

We have spent the week settling in and getting to know what happens in a new year.

We look forward to meeting you all at parents evening in a few weeks time.

In the meantime if you have any concerns then please speak to your class teacher.

Well done Year 2 for settling in so well this week.