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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Some Reminders

  • Please ensure that ALL your children’s clothing is named, including trousers, skirts and shirts. When the children get changed for PE it is hard for them to find the right white shirt if it is not named.
  • Please also ensure that the children have a named water bottle in school every day.

Week Ending 13th October


Our work in Literacy this week has been focused on a video clip called Bubbles ( We thought about what the girl may see under the water and made sure we used adjectives to describe. We imagined that we found magic bubbles and role played where the bubbles would take us. We wrote stories describing what would happen.  


In Numeracy we explored the number bonds of 10 again using cubes to help us write them in number sentences. We used manipulatives to solve addition problems. We learned how to use a number line to add two numbers together. We solved simple addition word problems. 


Week Ending 6th October In Literacy we have explored the story The Enormous Turnip. We role played the story in small groups and chose a character to describe. We developed our own characters to help get the turnip out and drew story maps. We retold the story. 


We created our own number bonds of 10 posters to help us remember them in Numeracy this week. We have also used cubes to investigate other number bonds. We have learned about a part whole diagram and written the number sentences to go with one. 



Week Ending 29th September


This week in Literacy we finished off looking at the Man on the Moon. We wrote recounts of Bob's day, use speech bubbles to explore what the characters in the story might be saying and made a class story map. We thought about what would could happen next to Bob - what would happen if he discovered aliens were real? We planned our sequel stories and then wrote them. 


In Numeracy we have ordered quantities, compared and ordered numbers and explored number lines. We also found out about the less than < and more than > signs and put them in between numbers. We thought about the sign as being the mouth of a crocodile that always eats the biggest number. 



Week Ending 22nd September


In Numeracy we have counted objects in a picture making sure we counted them all by marking them and we also thought about whether there was enough of an object. We explored different ways of sorting objects and talked about how objects had been sorted. We practiced using ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc). 


In Literacy this week we have continued to use The Man on the Moon book to inspire our writing. We created signs to help Bob out with his job with slogans such as "Stay together with the group because you might fall off the moon" and "Keep your spacesuit and helmet on because it is dangerous not to." We came up with our own aliens and described them using adjectives. After looking at some photographs of the moon we created a bank of words describing it thinking about all the different things we could see, hear and touch if we were there. We also thought of reasons why people should visit the moon.



Week ending 15th September Literacy we started the week by looking at a picture from the book Man on the Moon. We asked lots of questions about him using different question words. After hearing the story we thought about what our favourite part was and explained why we liked it. On Wednesday we all took a trip to the moon pretending to be a moon tourist which was followed up on Thursday when we wrote recounts. We also thought of some other things that Bob could sell in his souvenir shop.


In Numeracy we used the vocabulary more and less to compare quantities of objects. We then went on to find out what one more and one less than a number is and record this in our books. 

Week ending 8th September


The children have settled well into their new classes this week.


In Literacy we have looked at capital letters and did some work around this term's Big Idea: I have a dream. We thought about our dreams for Year One and what we would like to be when we are older. 


In Numeracy we practiced writing our numbers, ordered numbers, thought about what number comes next in a sequence and wrote the number words.