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Week Ending 6th July

We have finally reached the end of our fortnight of testing and the children have all worked extremely hard.

Next week we will return to our normal timetable, apart from Friday when the children will go to meet their new teachers.

CATs results are now in and will be ready for collection from Monday after school.

As the temperature has now risen considerably please could you make sure your child has a water bottle in school to avoid dehydration and headaches.


Week Ending 22nd June

This week we have returned to a normal timetable after the fun of Art Week.

In Literacy we have been writing our poem about life in a Victorian workhouse.

The children should be really proud of their final, neat copies which were very descriptive and interesting.

Our Numeracy has been focused on area and perimeter and this has proved a little challenging for some but with a little determination everyone is making progress.

Next week the children will be sitting their CATs tests, these are similar in style to the 11+ questions and we hope to have the results for you fairly soon.

Week Ending 8th June

Finally we’ve made it to Term 6.

The hard work continued this week as the children were asked to produce a non-chronological report in Literacy about the Victorian era.

They have worked exceptionally hard at this and we aim to record our final draft on Monday.

In Numeracy we have been learning about special numbers and the children have enjoyed playing ‘multiple madness’ a fun exercise that has helped to consolidate learning of some new terms.

Next week is Art Week and it would be advisable to send your child in with an art apron or an old shirt .

Week Ending 20th April

What a great week.

The children have come back with such a positive attitude and we can really see a difference now in their maturity and behaviour.

Let’s hope that, as the hot weather really kicks in, this continues!

Water bottles in school are essential. The children must keep themselves hydrated throughout the day to avoid lethargy and headaches.

We would also advise that they bring a hat in for break and lunchtimes.

Our new text ‘The Borrowers’ seems to be going down well and the children are producing some fantastic writing.


Week Ending 23rd March

We are at the end of yet another week.

The children have been working hard to learn their lines for the performance of Macbeth, which will take place on open afternoon. We hope to see you all there.

This week we have been lucky enough to have had a visiting workshop from The Family Trust who taught the children all about the Christian story of Easter.

We also had a visit from ‘The Stinkers’ who talked to the children about the perils of smoking. This was a fun packed show full of crazy characters as well as important facts.

Don’t forget parent’s evening next week.

Week Ending 9th March

It has been a very busy but fun week in Year Five.

We have enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters and staff have been amazed at the effort that has gone into the children’s costumes this year, we are very grateful.

Don’t forget that next week is Science Week and we are looking forward to seeing the amazing science that has been happening at home.

We have lots of interesting activities planned as well as our annual science fair on Thursday.
Good luck everyone.


Week Ending 26th January

Another week has passed and we are still working hard on fractions in our numeracy.

This week we have been looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers and converting between the two.

In literacy the poem The Highwayman is still our focus text and we have written diary entries as one of the characters.

We would like to remind all parents that your child shout be reading their Accelerated Reading book for at least 10 minutes ever night.

Being able to read well helps your child access all areas of the curriculum with greater ease an is invaluable as a skill.

Week Ending 12th January

Our first full week has been jam packed with lots of great learning by the children.

In Maths we have begun our journey with fractions as well as converting them to decimals, finding equivalents and comparing and ordering them.

Persuasion has been the focus in Literacy. Year 5 have learnt to identify the key features of a persuasive text and then use those features in their own piece of writing.

In Geography we have looked at Europe’s position in the world and Year 5 are playing hockey.


Week Ending 15th December

We’re almost there.

It has been a very busy week and we have been using our knowledge of co-ordinates to carry out Christmas themed puzzles. The children have really enjoyed getting their teeth into these.

In Literacy we have been reading the Polar Express and writing some amazingly descriptive pieces based on the story.

As well as this, we have been getting ready for the Christmas concert on Monday afternoon.

Hope to see you all there.

Week Ending 1st December

We have had a busy and productive week in Year 5, with much more time to spend on our foundation subjects now that swimming has come to an end.

We have reached the end of Clockwork in literacy which has kept the children transfixed from the very beginning.

It would be great if you could chat with your child about their favourite part of the story.

Numeracy has been lots of fun this week as we have been learning how to use co-ordinates as well as translating a shape and we have played some games to support this learning.

Next week is test week.


Week Ending 17th November

This week in Year 5 we have begun a new text in Literacy called Clockwork.

The children have loved getting to grips with the characters and storyline of death, mystery and intrigue.

Maths has been challenging as we have been focusing on multiplication, using the expanded column method.

We will still be working on this for another week as there is still some fine tuning that needs to be done.

It was great seeing the children in their onesies and pyjamas today, thank you for your support.

Week Ending 3rd November

Where did that week go?

Year 5 have been looking at division in Maths this week which has proved to be a real challenge.

We also investigated division calculations using sticks and pattern predictions.

In Literacy we have had lots of fun watching a film clip, listening to a story and reading a diary entry all based around a futuristic world where technology has taken over.

We did some role play and completed our week by writing our own diary entry.


Week Ending 20th October

We made it.

Term one has come to an end and the children have all worked extremely hard.

Thank you to those of you that made it to our Open Afternoon.

I hope that you were able to see the exciting things that your children have been learning this term and the standard of work that we expect.

Next term we will continue to swim on a Friday so could you ensure your child has their costume and a towel as well as a full PE Kit including a change of shoes for Outdoor PE on Thursdays.

Thank you and enjoy the break.

Week Ending 22nd September

Where did that week go?

The children have been getting to grips with rounding numbers to the nearest hundred and thousand, in numeracy.

This proved to be a struggle at first, but at the end of the week they are now rounding seven digit numbers, including decimals.

Well done to them all.

Our literacy journey has now taken us to Africa, with a story called ‘The village that vanished’.

We have been building up a bank of descriptive phrases by studying images, sharing ideas and using a thesaurus to extend our vocabulary knowledge.

Spelling and times table tests have taken place this week and it has become evident that not all children have been practising these at home.

Please ensure your child does this on a regular basis as well as reading their AR book daily.


Week Ending 8th September

Welcome back.

The children have returned to us with enthusiasm and excitement for the term ahead.

We hope that they have enjoyed their first week and are looking forward to the rest of the year.

Most children have adapted well to the challenges that a new year group presents and we hope this continues.

Next Friday will be our first swimming session so could we remind you to send in your permission slips and also to ensure your child has all the necessary attire and a towel in school on that day.

Thank You.