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Admission to Yr 7 September 2020

Halfway Houses Primary School


DCSF No: 886 5220           Postcode: ME12 3BE


Admission to Secondary School September 2020

If your child was born between 1 September 2008 and 31 August 2009, you must apply for a school place from September 2019 and before the closing date of Thursday 31st October 2019.

The Kent County Council (KCC) booklet* ‘Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2020’ is available on the website:

The booklet fully explains the process and gives details of all the secondary schools in Kent.  

The booklet has also been produced by geographical area.


You can apply online at:
KCC do not advise parents to apply using a paper SCAF as it delays your

You are able to select up to four schools, putting them in order of preference, with the one you most want first.

Please only complete one application form, either on line or paper form, not both.

KCC will manage the allocation process for secondary schools in Kent, and you will be informed of the school offer  on Monday 2nd March 2020 either by email (if applying on line) or by post.

• Please do not put the same school in all four choice boxes
• Please do not only list one choice of school

You can make changes to the application before the closing date. 

You must re-submit the application in order for the changes to be processed.

If you registered online for the Kent Test 11+ you can log back in, check the details, add your preferences then submit the application.

The secondary schools are happy to welcome prospective parents as part of the process of making the best choice for their children. 

They are holding open sessions, where you will have the opportunity to be shown around the school. 

Details for our local schools open sessions will be circulated via pupils when they become available. 

Alternatively they can be contacted direct, their contact details are in the booklet*.

If you apply on line or send the form direct to the Admissions Team please email the school office ( to confirm your application, giving name and date of birth of your child.  

This enables the school to ensure that all Y6 pupils have completed the application on time.

Please inform your child's Class Teacher when you take your child out to visit a secondary school. 

The absence will then be given the correct code, for visiting another school.

Thank you.

Please note: during this time the Isle of Sheppey Academy (IOSA) will issue you with a ‘Site Choice form’, this is not the same as a Secondary Common application form (SCAF) please ensure that you complete the SCAF and then in addition the IOSA ‘site choice form’.

Fulston Manor School and The Westlands School have Supplementary Information Forms (SIF). 

To obtain a form please contact the schools directly.

For current Secondary School open sessions please click here.


* Finally, please remember you must make your application before midnight on 31st October 2019*