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Walking Bug & WOW



Walk To School Challenge


Walk on Wednesdays


Several new initiatives have been brought in to encourage the pupils to walk to school.
Walk on Wednesday has been very popular over the past few years and is growing every week.

School staff are also joining in by either walking to school or parking away from the school and walking the remainder of the way.


221 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 11th October 2017

205 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 18th October 2017

230 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 1st November 2017

201 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 8th November 2017

196 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 15th November 2017

207 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 22nd November 2017

195 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 29th November 2017

199 pupils walked to school on Wednesday 6th December 2017



There are three special Walk to School Challenge dates, when prizes will be awarded to a class in each district that has the most pupils walking to school. The class will win a class trophy and each pupil will also be rewarded. The 'Walking Bug' will also visit the winning class.





Walking Bug


The Walking Bug is open to the Year 5 and 6 children.
Each pupil has their own tally card and will get it stamped for each time they walk either to or from school.
Bronze, silver and gold stickers will be presented to pupils achieving 10, 50 and 100 walks to or from school over the course of the challenge and everyone gets a certificate.





We have won the Platinum Green Travel Mark 2015


It involved:


Taking part in the popular WOW (Walk on Wednesday) or Walking Bug  schemes running for the academic year.
Promoting the initiative to parents and providing feedback on results.
Conducting a hands up survey to assess green travel in the week in question.
Providing the survey figures to the KM Walk to School Team.


A member of the admin staff inputs this directly into KM web-based database.


In addition the school must demonstrate a long term commitment to green travel.


This can be achieved by agreeing to take up one of the KM Walk to School Team's schemes for three years.