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Severe Weather Arrangements

There may be periods of poor weather during the Autumn and Spring terms.

In the event of exceptional snowfall, where travelling to and from school is dangerous for families and staff or where the safety of the children in school is compromised, the school will notify Radio Kent, Heart FM and Bridge FM of any decision either to close the school during the day, or not to open in the morning.

If the school is closed during the day, we would expect families to make arrangements for children to be collected as soon as possible; no child will be allowed to leave the site until collected.

If it is decided that the school will not open in the morning, as well as the radio services, families will be met at the gate and turned away.

We will endeavour to send a text message to parents informing them that school is closed/open.

The text messaging service will be used to notify parents/carers if the school is closed because of bad weather.

This service is free and you do not need to subscribe.

The text message is sent to the mobile telephone number of the first priority carer for pupils.

If you are aware that the school may not hold the correct mobile number for this person please let us have the correct number.

Any children arriving unaccompanied will be taken into school and contact will be made with their families.

We all hope that these arrangements will prove unnecessary  but these are well established procedures and we know they work well to maintain children's safety.




Head injury calls

The school will make calls or send a text to you if your child has a bump to the head during the school day. The school office will be notified of the incident and will call or text the first contact on the child's records. In most cases the call or text is for information only so as just to inform parents that the child has received a bump to the head. If the child is poorly later that day, ie has a headache, feels sick or dizzy, parents should bear in mind that the child has had a bump to the head. The office will make calls to two numbers only and will leave messages as necessary or send the text to the mobile phone number of the priority 1 carer.

Should it be necessary for the child to return home then further calls will be made to contact a parent, or other designated carer, to collect the child from school.





Contact detail changes

Please notify the school office of any changes to your contact details.

Click on the 'Change of Pupils Details' form below which can then be handed into the school office.

It is often necessary to contact parents during the school day regarding such things as cancelled clubs, bumps to heads and illness of a child.

We need to have up to date contact numbers for you.

Thank you for your assistance.




Text Messaging Service

The message is sent to the mobile phone number of the priority 1 contact for each pupil. If you have not received a message from us please contact the school office to check or change your contact details.

Use of mobile phones in school

The Year 5 & 6 pupils who walk to school may wish to bring mobile phones to school so that they can reassure parents that they have arrived safely. Once on school premises the mobile phones should be given to the class teacher or to the office for safe keeping. Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones during the school day.



Contacting school when your child is absent

On the first day of a child's absence the parent or carer should contact the school office to inform the school of the reason for absence and the expected date of return to school. 

An answer phone service is available until office staff are free to take the calls.

On the child's return to school a written note should be sent in via the class teacher to explain the reason for absence.

If a reason is not given for a child's absence from school an 'unauthorised absence' mark will be given.




From time to time the pupils try various foods during lessons.

If your child has any food allergies, that you have not previously informed us about, please contact the school office in writing, in order that we can update your child's records and alert the teaching staff accordingly.



Photographing of pupils

From time to time the local press request to take photographs of school activities, ie sports events, special events and fundraising activities.

Teachers and teaching assistants also take photographs of pupils for class related topics, ie coat hooks, book covers and display boards.

If you have any objection to your child's photograph being taken either by the press or school staff or their name being mentioned in the press please contact the school office in writing stating your objection.



Use of mobile phones in school

The Year 5 and 6 pupils who walk to school may wish to bring mobile phones to school so that they can reassure parents that they have arrived safely.

Once on school premises the mobile phones should be given to the class teacher or to the office for safe keeping.

Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones during the school day.



Parking in and around the school

We respectfully ask parents NOT to park across or near the school gates.

The school has visitors and deliveries before, during and after the school day and the entrance should be kept free at all times.

In case of accident the emergency services would also need to have clear access to the school.

Please consider this and the local residents when parking your car to drop or collect your child.

The local police are issuing tickets and fines to drivers who park illegally outside the school entrance.

We would also remind parents you can use the school car park when bringing children to breakfast club or when picking up from an after school club.

When using the drop off zone in the morning or at the end of the school day please always be aware of the safety of the children.




If you have noticed or have been notified that children in your child's class have head lice (nits) you should check your child's hair IMMEDIATELY using a fine toothed comb if possible.
If your child has head lice (nits), please treat appropriately and remove any eggs before returning your child to school.

It would be sensible to check all other members of your immediate family and treat as necessary.

Whilst head lice are a regular feature of primary school life, eradication does depend on the whole school community working together  and we therefore would appreciate your co-operation with this.



Children may wear one small stud to school in one or both ears, under the following conditions:

Stud(s) must be small and worn in the ear lobe(s) only;
Children remain fully responsible for the ear studs at all times and school staff will not assist children to take them out or to put them in.
Staff will not look after studs for the children;
Parents must complete a permission slip for their children to wear ear studs to school and to accept responsibility for any ear stud related accidents that may occur during the course of the school day.

Please note that we still require children to remove any other form of ear jewellery, or to remove studs if parents have not completed the permission form.

The form can be found on the 'letters and forms' page.

No form of jewellery, other than stud earrings, is permitted unless it is for religious reasons.

If this is the case then notification should be sent to the Headteacher in advance.



Volunteer your Services

Halfway Houses is dedicated to involving the local community and are very pleased to accept volunteer helpers, where possible. 

If you feel that you would like to volunteer to help, please e-mail Mrs Jayne Stupple the Volunteer Co-Ordinator at

Thank You.

We look forward to hearing from you.