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Ground Breaking Ceremony February 2016


We were very lucky to be able to attend a Ground Breaking Ceremony at the new school site yesterday. 


Mr Driver and Mrs Fordyce took the School Council members, Headboy and Headgirl and poster design winners to see the new school building so far and to meet the designers. 


It was freezing cold, but we really enjoyed looking around and getting a feel for the fantastic new school that we will be moving in to.



Below are some of the things that the previous school councils got up to!


The School Council (KS2) Trip to the Houses of Parliament


The KS2 members of the School Council visited the Houses of Parliament. 

They also took in some of the sights of London.




We caught the train from Sittingbourne to London Victoria with all the morning commuters.  

It was awfully busy.

Here we are outside Buckingham Palace just before Changing of the Guard.




Outside the Houses of Parliament with a copy of the Times Guardian.

Our picture was in the Times Guardian the following week!

Here we are inside the Palace of Westminster.








We attended  a workshop about the Magna Carta.  

We found out that the 15th June marks 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta.  

We gained an understanding of the story behind it and why it is so significant to the development of rights and freedoms in the UK.


School Council visit Swale Council



Some of our Year 6 school councillors attended Swale Council for the Green Champions Award.
The children were seated in the councilors’ seats and were given the opportunity to ask questions and opinions with the panel of experts on traffic, road safety and travel to school issues.  

The school council discussed how they can encourage more children to walk to school at their meeting.


The School Council (KS2) Trip to the Houses of Parliament

Can you see other any famous places in our photos?




Council visit the Houses of Parliament

The KS2 members of the School Council visited the Houses of Parliament.

They also took in some of the sights of London.



The Councillors enjoyed a guided tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and asked lots of excellent questions.



The children then took part in a workshop run by the Houses of Parliament education service.

The workshop was entitled, 'Your voice' and emphasised how everyone can make changes happen as long as they know who to speak to.



The Councillors were able to draw parallels between the way that MP's represent their constituents and how they represent their class members.

Our local MP, Gordon Henderson, also came along to the workshop to meet the children and answer their questions.




This is not the first time Halfway Houses School has visited the Houses of Parliament.

We have found a photograph showing some of Halfway's school children with members of staff on the terrace overlooking the Thames taken in June 1953!



Our First Web Conference

Some of the school council members had the chance to link up to other schools in the local area and hold a web conference.

There was an agenda that they had to work through after first logging on and saying hello to the three other schools involved.




The discussion covered "What works well at lunch and break times?" to "Have our school got any plans for the Olympics yet?"

Towards the end the council were asked for any ideas for the next meeting before saying goodbye to each of the other schools.



When asked what they thought of the conference they said it was great to see other schools and speak to them face to face, they all would love to do it again!