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On Wednesday 16th November 2016 we took part in the Samaritan’s Christmas shoe-box appeal.

The children and their parents chose to wrap a present for a boy or a girl and packed their boxes full of amazing gifts such as teddies, pencils, socks and gloves.



They were collected by the Curriculum Committee who helped to check and sort the boxes before the head boy and girl delivered them down to the local collection point. 

On Thursday 3rd March the Curriculum Committee took part in the Sheerness Tesco 'Farm to Fork' trail.

We visited the local store and had a tour behind the scenes.




The Committee got to go in to the bakery and find out how bread is made and also got to cross their own hot cross buns!




They investigated how much sugar is in different breakfast cereals and were surprised by the results.

They then got the opportunity to put together and taste their own healthy cinnamon muesli.



Finally, after a healthy fruit snack and drink, they tasted some different cheeses and compared the taste.

Although we had some strange looks as we were dressed up for world book day, we had a great time and learnt a lot of useful facts to share back in class.


We have now received our new badges and are really pleased with them.

Well done to Theo, Olivia and Safeera in Year 1 for being chosen by your classes to represent them on the Curriculum Committee!


On Wednesday 11th November 2015 children bought shoe-boxes filled with gifts for children in other parts of the world for Christmas.

The Curriculum Committee helped collect and stack the boxes ready to be taken down to Shoe Zone, the local collection point before they get delivered in time for Christmas to children all over the world.




On Tuesday 21st July the Curriculum Committee visited Minster Leas. 

We wanted to explore opportunities for outdoor learning so we took part in some 'Beach Schools' activities.

We did Art, Geography, Maths, Science, PE and English. 

The Committee all agreed that learning outdoors was not only fun but extremely beneficial so we are now looking at ways we can implement this further across the school next year.





When we got back to school we made posters of all our ideas and then talked to KS2 about them in assembly the following day.



The Curriculum Committee visited Beachfields Sheerness to help with the regeneration project on Friday 24th April. 

We took part in lots of activities including sports, reading, cooking and singing workshops and got the chance to make suggestions about what we would like to see there in future. 

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see around the sandpit and swimming pool areas, please let your Committee member know.






Congratulations to all those who were voted by their classes to represent them on the committee.

Our first meeting took place in the school library in March. 

Information from these meetings will be put on the committee notice board in the hall, remember to let your committee member know if you have any ideas for us to discuss.



Well done KS2 for completing your mainifestos for the competition. 

Unfortunately we did not have any winners this time but we'll try again next year!